NY Route 8: Southern Adirondack Trail: Hague on Lake George
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Hague on Lake George

Town Beach and Park Town Beach and Park

About Hague

Hague is a cool green Adirondack Lake George town, shaded a bit by the mountains to the west. It has an area of 80 square miles. But it is far from all the congestion one finds in season in Lake George Village and Bolton. One of the town's biggest landmarks is Sabbath Day Point, which is now state land full of trails. There are small stores and inns abounding during season but no chain stores or even auto fuel for sale. But Ticonderoga is an easy 20 minute drive if you want to get all the large suburban style stores and fast food joints. The town has a great park on the lake with a large swimming area and even a small public marina on the side.

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The Drive

The stretch of Route 8 east from Brant Lake is a great stretch through mostly wilderness areas of the Graphite Mountains. There are hill climbing lanes and lots of passing zones too. The only part that is hazardous is the last couple of miles that lead down hill into Hague to the lake. It is curvy and there are many camps and houses, though it isn't as bad as the stretch along Brant Lake where the road is 10 feet from some house's front doors. Route 9N is a dangerous drive in bad weather or traffic south towards Lake George due to narrow roadway, lots of curves and steep hills over Sabbath Day Point. But north bound towards Ticonderoga, 9N is a much easier drive.


In 1757, during the French and Indian War, Sabbath Day Point was used as an encampment and staging area for the French Army and nearly two thousand Ottawa Indians in an expedition to capture the British Fort William Henry at the southern end of Lake George. While at the Sabbath Day Point camp, they conducted an ambush of a group of British soldiers and captured many. Later at the Sabbath Day Point base camp, the Indians cannibalized some of the captured British prisoners.

Sabbath Day Point was used a landing place in 1758 for British armies en route to attack the French at Fort Carillon and again in 1759 when General Jeffery Amherst finally succeeded in capturing Fort Carillon. It was then renamed Fort Ticonderoga.

During the American Revolution, Benjamin Franklin twice encamped there traveling to and from Canada as an emissary of the Continental Congress in an unsuccessful attempt to have Canada join the Colonies in the revolution. He was Postmaster General and in this capacity, he conducted temporary postal processing functions on each of his stays at Sabbath Day Point.

The town was first settled around 1796. The Town of Hague was originally part of the Town of Bolton and was created in 1807 as the Town of Rochester. In 1808 it changed its name to Hague.

In 1904 the waters of Hague bay were home of the Lake George Monster. The "monster" was the creation of Harry Watrous, and was part of a practical joke.

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