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NY Route 8: Southern Adirondack Trail
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Covering NY 8 Through the Adirondack Park from Hague to Utica, including Brant Lake, Speculator, Wells, Piseco Lake

Piseco Lake Piseco Lake in the Evening- By Amy Feck Germain

Why NY Route 8: Southern Adirondack Trail?

  • It's a great, long, fun road to drive.
  • There are plenty of interesting places and cool people to meet.
  • It goes through the less used, less expensive parts of the Adirondacks.
  • The wilderness areas are less crowded, unlike the High Peaks mob scene.
  • There are good properties for sale at reasonable prices in the Park.
  • Follows the Hudson RIver on the East Side then the Moose River & Fulton Lake Chain on the west
  • Follows a Really Strange Route Through the Adirondacks, Mohawk Valley & the Catskills
  • Why Not?
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