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Village of Poland, Town of Russia

Poland Poland Center

Victorian House in Poland

Poland is a nice little village on the west end of the Adirondack stretch of NY 8. Poland is just outside of the Adirondack Park boundary. In the village center, we meet NY 28 as it goes from Trenton to Herkimer. The Town of Russia is the countryside outside the village. They are both located along the east bank of the West Canada Creek. Also, after Poland and the junction of NY 28, NY 28 will now be the Southern Adirondack Trail south. The two state highways join here for a couple miles, NY 28 North and NY 8 South. So you can go both north and south simultaneously. A couple miles west of Poland, NY 8 breaks off of NY 28 and becomes a limited access highway all the way down the hill into the Mohawk Valley and Utica.

The inhabitants of Poland hate and fear their Russian neighbors and frequently have to fight off the armies from Russia, as well as defend themselves from the German predators to the west and the Austrians to the south who want to absorb their little country. They live in a vice between their more powerful and larger neighbors who covet their little kingdom. Wait a minute, that's the Poland in Eastern Europe, sorry!

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